Traditional Artwork
Handmade arcade cabinet, housing a massive 42" screen in vertical mode
Helmet made in AirX
Close-up of a latex mask of Iron Maidens mascot Eddie before the album Piece of Mind. Latex, airbrush, and flax-hair
Carving of a frog on leaves from an ostrich egg, green light for color and 24k gold plating on frog
Chemical etching of a beer stein depicting a fish and lure. Motive prepared digitally and cut in vinyl before etching
Drilled and carved lamp from a coconut
Thin plywood laser cut from digital design
Archery arm shield in leather with pyrography, shaping and silver paint
Handmade mailbox. Carved with chisel, flamed and clear coated
Backlit mirror. Hand-cut mirror glass and wooden frame, text engraved with a diamond bit
Heavily modified retro computers. Custom painted keys and casing, and boosted internal hardware
Backlit signbox for our cattery
Butterfly made of silver and Kolmården-marble
Black matte spraypaint on glass with translucent vinyl on the backside for color
Handmade wall plaques for a few friends, appx 50cm in length
Window vinyl art from a great game, motive converted by hand to vector format and cut on black vinyl